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Meet SonyaKarol...

We're introducing the face of SonyaKarolStyle®™ - The brand ambassador and CEO representing the essence of the parent company -Girl Blue Enterprises LLC, SKS Jewelry, SKS Hair Fashion, and MVG consignment accessories brand(s) portfolio. With a background in modeling, broadcast communications, and business, and a passion for style, she embodies the elegance and sophistication that the SKS and MVG brands stand for. We finally got the bustling executive to sit down and offer her vision for the brands, and what inspires her to advocate for everyone to feel confident and beautiful in their skin while showcasing the latest trends in jewelry, hair fashions, and accessories, taking you from yesterday and back, from metro to retro. All while turning her favorite phrase into the catchy SKS brand tag...

"Now go get GORGEOUS!"

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Q: So where did Sonyakarolstyle begin?

A: "The love for fashion and style really started for me as a child growing up in Philly. I still remember on my 6th or 7th upcoming birthday, my mom had planned a birthday party for me. One day I'm sitting in class and in walks my favorite aunt delivering the party invitations. She'd always been a fashion statement, but that day she's wearing a floor length Sable mink coat and matching Ushanka fur hat. She looked like a movie star wearing the most beautiful jewelry from head to toe! She took my breath away! I could hear my classmates saying "oooh who is she?" I'd never been more proud. I noticed the way she walked across the room with so much confidence, swag and style, my entire class swooned and awed! They fell in love! From that point on I was hooked on glamour! The SKS brand actually started about 5-6 years ago, My Vintage Girl soon after. Prior to the launches, I'd found myself amassing this huge collection of jewelry, gemstones and vintage shoe and handbag accessories from around the world, so much so I had a warehouses for storage, and one day I thought, someone somewhere could look really fabulous in this or that....let's put it out there! So I donated quite a bit to charity, and created a brand for what I knew was to come!"

Q: So what does the SKS customer or client look like?. Hippie, preppie, young, older? Did you have a target?

A: "Actually I thought about my own personality and the influences of my mom, my aunt, even my grandparents, who were all at the height of fashion and glamour in their days, respectively, and realized that culmination made me very eclectic. My mom started me in modeling very early, I hated the attention but loved the dressing up and transitioning into glamour! Even today I can go from gold to platinum, boho to retro. I even love that old Hollywood glam look and sometimes wear the masculine bold styles too. So obviously I realized SKS is not just every woman, it's every person that loves feeling and looking confident. I want SKS jewelry to get you there. And I love the fact that each SKS piece, each MVG bag or shoe no matter the designer was hand-picked by me with exclusivity in mind"


Q: You have other brands too? Are they similar to the SKS brand? Are we going for an empire?

A: "True. Along with SKS Gems and Hair Fashions we've also created the "My Vintage Girl" brand. This is where my passion for retro kicks in! I love finding unique fashion, and blending that with a few metro or retro styles, particularly handbags and shoes. It's fine consignment shopping. Like most women and men, I love a great bag and quality shoes but it has to fit my budget! I've purchased high-end accessories only to have the heel crack as it sat in the box, or the gold detail of the expensive bag fade after spending thousands of dollars! So I wanted to join a smaller consignment market that allows us to consign the high to medium range bags and shoes without the meteoric costs. And if a heel breaks I can afford another pair-only better!"

Q: So where do you see the SKS and MVG brands in the future?

A: "Recognizable to say the least! I hope SKS and MVG continue to evolve, offer inclusivity, while helping express individuality. That's what they're offering, and it's my prayer it continues long after I'm gone.."

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